To launch VOW, a campaign to end child marriage, we collaborated on an animated film with Hive New York and Strange Beast.
12 million girls under the age of 18 are married every single year. That’s one girl every 3 seconds who is robbed of her future, putting her at risk of violence, ill health and trapping her in poverty. VOW launches partnered with Girls Not Brides, the Girls First Fund and the Ford Foundation.
We were tasked with creating a bedroom for a 12-14 year old girl which we filled with details, telling a story about our character in just a few seconds of animation. 
We modeled all the elements from scratch as it allows us to have total control over the look of our project and gives it a clear consistency. Little details like clothes hanging out of the chest of drawers, a skateboard under the bed, or her old teddy bear tucked away but still an important part of her bedroom give humanity to the scene and help us understand our character in a short space of time. 
Our character's clothes are handmade. Her pyjamas are mismatching, big and comfortable. They add a cosiness to the scene and remind us of the safety of a home during childhood.
The final shot of the film shows a total contrast to our initial scene. Our character appears in a wedding dress with a veil covering her face and an old fashioned lace sleeve which make the image yet more shocking and oppressive. 
We developed our initial storyboard, styleframes and animation in 2D before starting to render the final 3D image. 
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