We are Cabeza Patata. 
You might have started to see our characters popping up, from a mural in the city to an embroidery workshop, from a page in your magazine to an ad on the telly. 
Cabeza Patata is the creation of illustrator and craftswoman, Katie Menzies, and 3D artist and animator, Abel Reverter. We care about diversity and female empowerment and we joined forces to create a world of playful yet strong characters, full of energy and positivity.
Whether you are a student interested in our process or Mark Zuckerberg with a new project for us, we would love to hear from you.
We’ll be speaking at OFFF Barcelona on April 2019 and at the15th edition of Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin next May 2019.

We are members of Puck Collective.
We are ambassators of Crehana in Latin America.

Selected publications: Inky GoodnessWe Heart / Digital Arts / Motionographer / Gráffica / Stash

 Please get in touch by emailing hello@cabezapatata.com or by filling out the form below. 
Thank you!
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