Summer Shadows is an exploration in light, shade and imagined settings. Using plants to create shadows across the images, we convert this organic form into something more graphical.

This series of illustrations all include this striking contrast between wild, natural plant shapes in the otherwise contained setting of a photography shoot.
For this project we partnered with Huion, who provided the Kamvas Pro 24 graphic tablet. For detailed images such as these it is useful to work on a large screen, especially when it comes to colour correction and finer detailed elements.
While the character is always at centre stage, in a confident and comfortable position, further visual interest comes from the abstract setting built with cubes and decorated with the shadows of plants.
The style of the handmade clothing is intended to elevate the characters and add detail and texture within their simple backgrounds.
Once the lighting and plant props are set up, the images work across a range of different colours, each evoking a different mood.
Sketching each character, including their posture and fashion style, allows us to have a consistent colour palette and range of positions before beginning to work in 3D. 
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