We are always pleased to have the opportunity to be part of projects that can find a positive in difficult times, so we teamed up with the Stay Home, Stay Positive campaign. It aims to bring support for all the amazing key workers who are helping keep us safe and serves as an important reminder to everyone that the best thing they can do is to stay at home.
Balconies have become an important space for interaction between neighbours during isolation. Stay Home, Stay Positive is a global collaborative project in which each artists creates their own balcony with characters clapping.
Our balcony has a typically mediterranean appearance, reflected in the architectural style, the warm, muted colours and the soft lighting. We depict a scene we can all recognise and identify with: a mother holding her child, who is clapping excitedly.
The text on our flag 'Tot Anirà Bé', meaning 'Everything Will Be Ok' in Catalan, is a phrase of optimism and hope that has been spread by children all over the world with signs in their windows and balconies.
We wanted our flag to have a childlike, homemade look as we imagine the little girl in the animation has painted it herself. We decided that the best way to achieve this effect was to hand-paint the message ourselves and scan it to create our digital flag. Creating a mask of the colours allowed us to add a shiny texture to that part to give the appearance of real paint.
We rigged the characters and created a gentle animation that communicates a calm, intimate scene which reflects the seriousness of the moment as well as the playful side.
Thanks to Buda tv and Motion Appétit for the great initiative!
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