Shape & Rhythm is an exploration in how we might represent music 
- its sounds and the feelings it evokes - 
in illustration form.
For this series we focus primarily on the all-encompassing nature music can take. It lifts the characters up and flies around them. 
We added 2D shapes on top of the 3D renders to give a tangible representation of the music swirling around the scene.
We tried various colour options for each image to get a lively and unique colour palette that portrays the musicality.
For this project we partnered with Huion, who provided the Kamvas 12 graphic tablet which is useful to work on the detail in complex images like these. 

The patterns on the characters' clothing are all handmade. They add an extra touch of fun and vibrance to the scenes and give a different personality to the character. We experimented with different patterns to try and capture the perfect combination. 
We initially made some sketches to lay out the characters' positions and ensure we cover a range of instruments, postures and moods.
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