For the 15th edition of Pictoplasma Festival we were invited to create an exhibition as part of the Character Walk which takes place at different venues throughout Berlin. Our show, Dancing Through Media, focussed on the subject of music and movement in different artistic forms.​​​​​​​
We used a 3D printer for our musician sculpture, which we then painted and created handmade clothing for. 3D printing allowed us to include all the tiny details we wanted, from the cymbals to holes in the drum where we attached a leather drumhead. This mixed media approach gave more life and personality to the piece, giving it a more textured, tactile result. 
 Our wooden sculpture of a dancer stood in front of a painted mural, as if joining in their dance, and a laser-cut hanging mobile caught the light across the room, creating the effect of three dancers moving in time.

We also included an Augmented Reality element to the illustrations, in which each had a hidden animation seen through the audience's mobile phone.​​​​​​​
To enhance the openness and participatory nature of the exhibition, we created a 'Make Your Own Patata' area. The attendees were invited to draw their character onto a simple template we provided and become part of the exhibition themselves.
As part of the festival we also hosted a character embroidery workshop open to beginners through to professionals.
The workshop was attended by a huge variety of people from different parts of the world and everyone put their own style and ideas into their piece. The results were wonderfully varied and inventive and a few of our favourites are below.
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