We were invited by OFFF Festival to create an illustration for the book they will be publishing as part of the 2019 event.

The theme of the illustration is your 'spirit animal' and we thought a squirrel perfectly represents Cabeza Patata Studio.
Here we see our squirrel in her workshop at her sewing machine. Her workspace is full of details which tell us a lot about her as an artist. All her tools are carefully organised but she has some unavoidable mess from all her projects coming out of drawers and piling up on shelves.
As usual, we got lost in the detail of this illustration so we thought we'd show some extra closeups. We like the classic design of the old sewing machine mixed with the modern board full of threads.
Every textile design has been handmade as a repeat pattern as our squirrel loves bright colours and fun designs.
It was a challenge to design a completely new character, especially as we chose an animal which required over 1.5 million tiny hairs!
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