In this series, Music & Movement, we use different styles of music and dances that we all recognise and put them in a new context, capturing moments in our characters' movement.
The first image is inspired by swing dance. We love the movement in the hips and the symmetry between the partners. Below we reimagine a 'one woman band' with her rusty kit and bright accordion. 
We also looked to more traditional ballroom dancing to see how characters can interact in an often dramatic way. It's satisfying to watch this near-impossible position in rotation, and to see the weight and balance between the two dancers. Our final dancer is inspired by Elvis' famous moves. We created her for Motionographer's Step by Step series where we show our entire creative process.
We explored textiles and clothing patterns to add an extra dimension to the illustrations. These repeat patterns can be seen throughout the series, giving a different look to each dancer.
We started the project by sketching ideas in 2D. These flat illustrations allow us to decided positions and colours before working in 3D. 
You can follow the entire Step by Step process below, from the 2D sketch to the final 3D render. 
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