We were invited to design the installation display for the grand opening of the Mixone Changbai centre in Shenyang, China. Our series of character based illustrations create a positive, celebratory feeling. 

The main Carnaval illustration includes all the characters from the project - the friends, family and couples who will be visiting the centre - while throughout the series we see these characters interacting in different settings. 
In designing the characters for this project we had a strong focus on fashion, wanting to clearly evoke the style of visitors and make the characters feel identifiable and specifically situated in the location.

The real-life statues include all these details and have different textured clothing, staying faithful to the original illustrations and adding a special fashionable touch
The animations add to the surreal, celebratory nature of the pieces, with shapes swirling around and the settings seemingly coming to life with magical floating elements.
The visual language is unified with similar pastel coloured backgrounds, abstract shapes and a consistent clothing style for the characters. Adapted across different formats - posters, animations, sculptures, decorations - the designs have a consistent style and a familiar and celebratory feeling.
The opening saw dancers, performances and members of the public enjoying the space and the installation design. The celebratory feeling was clear and it's lovely to see children and adults alike playing and interacting with the characters.
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