During this time of lockdown we, like most of the world, have been confined to our home. As our apartment has become such an important part of life - it is at the centre of all of our time - we thought it only right that it should feature as the prominent part of our new illustration project, Casa Patata.
We used real world references and recreated our own clothing for the illustrations to play with the concept of depicting our real selves in stylised character form.
We chose four different areas of the house to depict typical scenes that have become our day to day: preparing food in the kitchen, eating and drinking in the dining area and working at the computer or spread out at a craft table.
To make the real photographs feel like a graphical illustration style, we took them all from a similar frontal perspective. This helps to mix the real world and purely 3D character, and gives the audience a moment of confusion between what is real and what is created.
We sketched out each illustration before moving to 3D to get a sense of colour and composition. We wanted each image to have a different feeling and represent a specific moment that has been key to this time. 
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