Outsiders Division is an independent clothing brand which celebrates emotions, imagination and nostalgia. For the upcoming Spring-Summer 2021 collection, Cabeza Patata has created this series of illustrations in which different dogs become the models and are set against natural landscapes.
A main focus of the series is to project the dreamlike fantasy present in the clothing designs of Outsiders Division and the outlook of the brand itself. For this reason we chose to set the 'models' against surreal feeling backgrounds and give them unlikely props like a classic design chair or a vintage suitcase.
Although the backgrounds look fantastical and imagined, they are all based on real life locations: Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote, the Deadvlei desert in Namibia and the White Desert of Farafra in Egypt. Recreating these settings in 3D means the photoshoot can take place anywhere in the world at any time of day. The impossibility of this further pushes the magical feeling of the project.
All the clothing is created by hand based on the original patterns, only modified to fit their unusual models. We chose dogs as the protagonists in this series as a nod to the playful take on the often serious and strict world of fashion.
Although the images are of dogs in colourful outfits and fantastical worlds, their poses and expressions are solemn and typical of a fashion photoshoot. This disconnect makes the series playful and accessable, while still taking the clothing seriously and keeping the design and craft as the main focus.
In the initial sketches we decide the poses, colours and clothing of each illustration. Often additional accessories are chosen at this stage as well, allowing us to see variation across the series.
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