To celebrate Baylor, Scott & White's success at the US News Awards we were invited to create a campaign around the message "When you get better, so do we"

This positive message of health, success, and sharing good news resonated perfectly with our style and we created this campaign to spread the joy.
The campaign consists of four scenes with characters expressing their newly found health through different activities: a couple dancing, a commuter doing bicycle tricks, a young woman rollerblading, and an elderly man jumping for joy on a pogo stick. 
While healthcare messaging can often be difficult and upsetting, we love this campaign's focus on the positive side of hospitals: making people better. This is something we brought to the extreme with the characters' movements, the colours, and the strong poses in each illustration.
As this project was state-wide and the goal was that as many people as possible would feel identified and cheered by the campaign, we wanted to have a cross-section of society represented with different age groups, backgrounds, and contexts
We achieved much of this through the clothing choices in our characters, all handmade and designed to fit each character's individual personality. As well as the aesthetic considerations of colours and pattern, we express more about the character and who they are.
As always, the complex 3D animations and illustrations started life as 2D sketches. Here we capture the essence of the campaign, testing poses and colours, imagining the project as a whole and thinking of ideas for different actions that represent the message.
The chosen sketches were developed into 3D illustrations and the animations followed the energy coming through them.
Production Company: Cabeza Patata
Agency: Launch
Art Direction: Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter
3D Animation: Cabeza Patata In-House Team
Cloth Simulation: Cabeza Patata In-House Team
Animation of dancers: Rik Goddard
Sound: Dogbotic
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