With these animated toys we bring life and personality to our reimagined version of classic vinyl toys. Putting a new, personal spin on these nostalgic characters, we've created a series of animations and illustrations: Anitoys.
The characters each have a different style that dictates their colours, aesthetic, and actions. We wanted variation in the series and a current feeling in their look that the audience would identify with.
As vinyl toys are so popular to collect, it's fun to create our own unique versions - and to make them move!
The best thing about this project? You can learn how to create every part of it for yourself! 
At Patata School we have a course teaching you how to 3D model, rig and animate your own character. 
Join us today and start learning!
Each character starts as a 2D sketch so we can decide the colours, shapes, and level of detail before jumping into 3D. In this phase we define the look and feel of the project and make sure we have consistency across the Character Designs.
We then add the rig before animation, each unique to its character. As well as the character's movement, each has extra elements that form the animation like this bouncing ball or cup in hand.
The course is broken down into sections explaining each part in depth so whatever your level you can follow along easily. We also include quizzes to consolidate your learning a Certificate of Completion.
 Join us today at Patata School and make your own 3D animated character!
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